Consultation responses to proposals for changes in section 185 -186 of the Penal Code

Who are we and what are we a reaction to

LLH-2019 is an organization for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) individuals. Like similar organisations in England, Scotland, the US, Brazil, Spain, and Canada, we are formed as a response to what we are experiencing real attacks on lesbians and gays. We would comment on proposals for changes to section 185 – 186 of the Penal Code, gender identity – gender identity.

A main objective of LLH-2019 is to get an impact assessment of the Legal Sex Change Act – hereinafter called the ACT – because we experience the law has had unintended consequences – which affects gays and lesbians, among other things.

As a result of the Law, there has been a serious conflict between the groups you as elected representatives and we as a society want to cherish – a conflict we are unable to resolve.

We see the same conflict in other countries and ask that you take this conflict seriously.

We of course support the intention that no one should be subjected to discrimination on the basis of gender, orientation or how to express their personality, but reject the publishers of Prop. 66 L because we believe a decision could lead to even more unintended consequences and further escalation of the conflict between the groupings the proposal is intended to protect.

What is the conflict about?

The law has led to increasing pressure on gays, as legal gender is interpreted by many as 'trans women' being women and can also identify as lesbian. This means that lesbians are expected to recognize biological men who identify as lesbian - as lesbians - and THE IS, as LLH sees it - a direct attack on gays and our orientation.

What happens

Lesbians and gays are accused and categorized as transphobic every day, exclusionary and hateful because we are gay. And the absurdity is that these attacks come from queer organizations and gender identity advocates.

Queer organizations have developed the Shinigami Eyes browser add-on that is sanctioned by both Facebook and Google. The amendment colors gay/lesbian/Christians in red on social media as transphobic and right-wing extremists.

Homosexuality's right to limit their sexuality based on biological sex is currently protected by law. The proposal to include gender identity in legislation may be used against homosexuals (and others) who maintain that homosexuality is a limited sexual orientation related to biological sex and not legal gender.  

We reject the publishers and request an impact assessment of the Legal Gender Amendment Act before adopting new bills that may contribute to several consequential errors.


LLH believes the amendment proposal lacks an impact assessment on changing the understanding of gender and affects the protection of homosexuals and bisexuals against discrimination to an unresolved extent. The proposal presented reduces lGB persons' legal protection and could result in unintended consequences.

LLH -2019 requests that "gay orientation" not be changed to "sexual orientation," as proposed in Prop. 66 L. If gay, lesbian and bisexual people are to be ensured a specific protection, the specific concept of homosexuality must be preceded by orientation. 

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